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Victoria Lisi

Victoria Lisi

Fort Collins, CO


According to my Mother I started drawing before I started walking or talking. I never stopped.

I spent a number of years as an illustrator doing over a hundred book and magazine covers and illustrating half a dozen children's picture books. Under the name Victoria Poyser I won two fan (amateur) art Hugos in the field of Science Fiction art. Some of my illustrations and fine art pieces were done in collaboration with my husband and fellow artist Julius Lisi. The works here on FAA are all my own work.

I teach drawing, painting, watercolor and figure drawing at Aims Community College in Loveland, Colorado. I taught illustration at Western Connecticut State University for six years.

It's hard for me to decide what I love best: painting in the studio, plein air painting, sketch crawling or life drawing. I'm fortunate to belong to a number of local groups that meet to do the latter activities. In my studio I work from reference photos or still life set ups. I have worked in acrylic and oils but watercolors are my favorite. I love the transparency, delicacy and unpredictability.

I'm grateful to live in Colorado, which offers spectacular scenery. I like to capture what I consider magic moments when the sunlight filters through some transparent leaf or glints off water.

I've also written two books. "Vibrant Children's Portraits" is published by North Light Books. Under the name Tori Lisi, I co-authored "Soul Trip" with my husband. Both are available from Amazon

I'm available for portrait commissions, teaching workshops and private lessons.



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